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CRESCENT TANNERS PVT. LTD. has been a part of one of the oldest leather groups in india and has been in the leather business for the past 70 years when the grandfathers of the current generation started exporting raw hides & skins to USA and Europe. As time progressed Wetblue, EI Tanned and then eventually Finished leather of all types for exports to Europe, USA & the Far East. With time the company diversified in to leather goods of all types, specializing in shoes, bags ,belts and gloves. The shoes are manufactured and exported by SHOE TECNIK INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION and the leather belts are manufactured and exported by HDM LEATHERS under the name and style of BELLINI LEATHER BELTS both located in NOIDA near NEW DELHI.

DOSTAM CREATIONS, a unit of CRESCENT TANNERS PVT.LTD. having branches in NEW DELHI , KOLKATA AND NOIDA is a legacy left behind by our elders and is now carrying on the baton. Established in 1978 the company has built a reputation for high quality Goat, Sheep, Buff Calf and Cow leathers and expanding it further with leather goods and shoes. We have all modern and sophisticated manufacturing facilities for the production & export of Leather, Shoes, belts, wallets, hand bags, driving gloves, Industrial gloves and Industrial apparel in leather with production facilities in Kanpur, Noida, New Delhi & Calcutta.

At OUR GROUP we strive to create modern products that respect the past, our philosophy continues a design minded approach with a deep commitment to crafting and finishing item by hand. We choose carefully from materials we use and suppliers we select to the people we hire and the partners we join. There is careful consideration for the items intended use and focus on how that can be achieved in our best possible way.